What is Meet the Masters?

"Meet the Masters" is a volunteer Art History and Art Appreciation program intended to acquaint children with the world of art.  "Meet the Masters" seeks to cultivate a sustained awareness and interest in art by exposing children to selected prints (approved by Broward School Board).

"Meet the Masters" promotes an awareness of arts in our community.  Through the increased activity and interest of volunteers, parents, faculty members and administrators, knowledge of the arts will be expanded.

"Meet the Masters" is run and done by parent volunteers who have an interest and enthusiasm for bringing fine art to the young. These trained volunteers make presentations on the lives and works of master artists in the classroom. These presentations, using reproductions of the artist’s major works, last about 20-30 minutes each.

Guidelines for Volunteering

All school volunteers must be screened by the Safety and Security office pursuant to the District’s policy and guidelines, including all Meet the Masters volunteer presenters. The application is found online at http://www.browardschools.com/getinvolved.

Who and What will my Children Learn About?

How Do I Get More Information?

For more information, please contact our Meet the Masters Chair